Jan 29, 2017
Does God Give Us Signs To Reveal His Plan For Our Lives?
Cover Song: My Will - DC Talk
Matthew 12:38-39
1. Sign Requested and God Answered The Request
2. God Spoke To Joseph In A Dream
3. God Speaks To Gideon Through A Fleece
4. The Disciples Prayed, Cast Lots, and God Answered
5. God Speaks To Paul In A Vision
  • Jan 29, 2017Does God Give Us Signs To Reveal His Plan For Our Lives?
    Jan 29, 2017
    Does God Give Us Signs To Reveal His Plan For Our Lives?
    Cover Song: My Will - DC Talk
    Matthew 12:38-39
    1. Sign Requested and God Answered The Request
    2. God Spoke To Joseph In A Dream
    3. God Speaks To Gideon Through A Fleece
    4. The Disciples Prayed, Cast Lots, and God Answered
    5. God Speaks To Paul In A Vision
  • Jan 22, 2017God Does Not Hide His Plans For Our Lives
    Jan 22, 2017
    God Does Not Hide His Plans For Our Lives
    Jeremiah 10:23. "I know, O Lord, that a man's life is not his own; it is not for man to direct his steps."
    I. We Will Never Know God’s Will For Our Lives If We Are Not Believers
    Romans 8:14 "Because those who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God."
    John 3:7, "Nicodemus, you must be born again."
    Ephesians 5:17-18 Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Holy Spirit.
    Filled – the tense used in the original language Means continuously
    When we're filled with the Spirit it takes control of every area of our lives, if not then we are quenching the Holy Spirit. TO QUENCH THE SPIRIT OF GOD IS SIN
    FILLED WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT MEANS everything we begin to do, everywhere we go, In all of our responses we're walking in the Spirit because He lives within us. He is not someone we ask to come with us on certain occasions He is dwelling within us
    you have to speak in tongues.
    It doesn't mean that you have to lie on the floor and bark like a dog!
    II. Believers Must Reject Immoral Lifestyles
    1 Thessalonians 4:3 It is God's will that you be should be sanctified: (set apart) that you should avoid sexual immorality; that each of you should learn to control his own body in a way that is holy and honorable; not in passionate lust like the heathen, who do not know God; and that in this matter no one should wrong his brother or take advantage of him. The Lord will punish men for all such sins, as we have already told you and warned you. For God did not call us to be impure, but to live a holy life.
    He lists three things that can block us hearing God's will and voice speaking to us.
    Number 2 we have to control our bodies. "Control your body." Who controls our bodies? We have all manner of temptations around us but ultimately He says that the responsibility is ours
    Number 3 To Know God’s Plan For Your Life You Must Be Willing To Obey Without Question
    In Luke 22:42, Jesus says, "Father, if you are willing, remove this cup from me; yet not my will, but Yours be done." Henry Blackaby said, "To get from where you are to where God wants you to be may require major adjustments in your life. You can't stay where you are and go with God at the same time. If God is going and we are staying, we can't go with God. There may have to be major adjustments in our lives.
    What a wonderful Lord we have and what a great Savior that He would choose to help us grow up to become like Him, so that we, like Jesus, could say, "Not my will, but Yours be done.
  • Jan 15, 2017How Can I Know God’s Will For My Life?
    Jan 15, 2017
    How Can I Know God’s Will For My Life?
    How Can I Know God’s Will For My Life?
    I. God Does Have A Plan For Each Of Our Lives
    II. How God Communicates With You
    Number 1: His communication to us will be complete
    Psalm 48:14, "For this God is our God for ever and ever; He will be our guide, even to the end."
    "guide" means "to drive as a chariot."
    Number 2, God's guidance is clear
    Psalm 37:23,
    "If the Lord delights in a man's way, he makes his steps firm."
    "He orders our steps." KJV
    Number 3 God’s way is comprehensive
    Psalm 139:9-10
    "If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hand will GUIDE me your right hand will hold me fast."
    Number 4: God's will is continual.
    Isaiah 58:11, "The Lord will (here's that word again) guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail."
  • Jan 1, 2017The Light In The Darkness
    Jan 1, 2017
    The Light In The Darkness
    Series: (All)
    A Light in the Darkness 2 Peter 1:16-2:1
    10 different quotes and then ask you if the phrase if from the Bible or not
    1. ''To the victor go the spoils.''
    2. ''Can a leopard change his spots?''
    3. ''A heart of gold.''
    4. ''The blind leading the blind.''
    5. ''Money is the root of all evil.''
    6. ''The serpent tempted Adam and Eve to eat the apple.''
    7. ''A house divided against itself cannot stand.''
    8. ''Robbing Peter to pay Paul.''
    9. ''No man is an island.''
    10.  ''Flies in the ointment.''
    ''As (Jesus) was praying, the appearance of his face changed, and his clothes became as bright as a flash of lightning.
    Two men, Moses and Elijah, appeared in glorious splendor, talking with Jesus. They spoke about his departure, which he was about to bring to fulfillment at Jerusalem.
    Peter and his companions were very sleepy, but when they became fully awake, they saw his glory and the two men standing with him. As the men were leaving Jesus, Peter said to him, 'Master, it is good for us to be here. Let us put up three shelters- one for you, one for Moses and one for Elijah.' (He did not know what he was saying.)
    While he was speaking, a cloud appeared and enveloped them, and they were afraid as they entered the cloud. A voice came from the cloud, saying, 'This is my Son, whom I have chosen; listen to him.'
    When the voice had spoken, they found that Jesus was alone. The disciples kept this to themselves, and told no one at that time what they had seen.'' (Luke 9:29-36)
    I. The Word Of God Is Important and We Should Study and Obey
    ''I tell you this, and insist on it in the Lord, that you must no longer live as the Gentiles do, in the futility of their thinking. THEY ARE DARKENED in their understanding and separated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them due to the hardening of their hearts.
    Having lost all sensitivity, they have given themselves over to sensuality so as to indulge in every kind of impurity, with a continual lust for more.
    You, however, did not come to know Christ that way. Surely you heard of him and were taught in him in accordance with the truth that is in Jesus.'' (Ephesians 4:17-21)
    II. Do Not Permit Distractions To Keep You From The Word of God
    ''As Jesus and his disciples were on their way, he came to a village where a woman named Martha opened her home to him. She had a sister called Mary, who sat at the Lord's feet listening to what he said.
    But Martha was distracted by all the preparations that had to be made. She came to him and asked, ''Lord, don't you care that my sister has left me to do the work by myself? Tell her to help me!''
    ''Martha, Martha,'' the Lord answered, ''you are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.'' (Luke 10:38-42)
    Isaiah 9:2 The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned.
    And it goes on to say:
    For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Of the increase of his government and peace there will be no end. He will reign on David's throne and over his kingdom, establishing and upholding it with justice and righteousness from that time on and forever. The zeal of the LORD Almighty will accomplish this. (Isaiah 9:6-7)
  • Dec 18, 2016The Celebration of Jesus Birthday
    Dec 18, 2016
    The Celebration of Jesus Birthday
    Series: (All)
    Matthew 1:18-25
    Vs 21 often missed “The reason I am sending this baby into the world is because I want to save my people (all people) from their sins.”
    3RD STANZA Hail the heaven-born prince of peace; Hail the Son of Righteousness! Light and life to all He brings; Risen with healing in His wings. Mild He lays His glory by: Born that men no more should die; Born to raise the sons of earth; Born to give them second birth; Hark! The herald angels sings; Glory to the new born king
  • Dec 4, 2016How To Handle The Stress of Christmas
    Dec 4, 2016
    How To Handle The Stress of Christmas
    Series: (All)
    Luke 10: 38 – 42
    I. What Is Stress?
    Vs 40 “Lord, don’t you care that my sister has left me to do all the work myself? Tell her to help me.”
    Sanguine – leaders – carefree – easygoing – talkative-social
    Choleric – leaders-can do attitude-quick and decisive in making decisions
    Phlegmatic- accepting-kind-relaxed-observant-constant mood
    Melancholic - -moody-sensitive-easily hurt-can be transfixed by
    Tragedy in the world-tends to fee everything is personal
    II. What Is The Cure?
    Vs 40 “Martha was distracted by all the preparations that had to be made”
    III. Solution To Holiday Stress
  • Nov 27, 2016What Is The Sin Of Omission?
    Nov 27, 2016
    What Is The Sin Of Omission?
    Series: (All)
    James 4:17
  • Nov 20, 2016How To Live When The Storm of Bereavement Hits Your Life
    Nov 20, 2016
    How To Live When The Storm of Bereavement Hits Your Life
    Series: Bereavement
    *Lifepoint Praise Band - I Can Only Imagine - By MercyMe*
    Genesis 35: 16-19
    “a time to be born, and a time to die…..” ~ Ecclesiastes 3: 2
    “They journeyed from Bethel. When they were still some distance from Ephrath Rachel went into labor, and she had hard labor. And when her labor was at its hardest, the midwife said to her, ‘ Do not be fear, for you have another son. And as her soul was departing……So Rachel died, and she was buried……..”~Genesis 35: 16-19 ESV
    “Even when the way goes through Death Valley, I’m not afraid when you walk at my side. Your trusty shepherd’s crook makes me feel secure.” ~ Psalm 23: 4 The Message
    “I will never fail you nor forsake you.” ~ Hebrews 13:5 RSV
    Why Does God Allow Death To Take Us?
    “If we are in a battle with this enemy called Death, I believe we should learn about it, in order to know how to confront the dying experience. We need to know how to face that enemy on our own behalf, and how to deal with the inevitable deaths of loved ones and our friends.’ ~ 1 Corinthians 15:26 NASB
    Death is certain Vs 18 “as her soul was departing”
    It is important to accept death, grieve, (takes different periods of time for each person) then go forward vs 18-21“as her soul was departing….she was buried….Jacob placed a marker on her grave…then he journeyed on”
    God Will Provide During Bereavement
    Back to Psalm 23 David “Even though I am walking through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil; for you are with me; your rod and your staff They comfort me.”
  • Nov 6, 2016Do You Have Peace With God and With Yourself?
    Nov 6, 2016
    Do You Have Peace With God and With Yourself?
    Series: Beatitudes
    Matthew 5:9 The Message “You are blessed when you can show people how to cooperate instead of how to compete or fight. That is when you discover who you really are, and your place in God’s family.” I. The Meaning of Peace In United States of America 17th Century 5 Wars 18th Century 61 Wars 19th Century 2 Wars 20th Century 29 Wars 21st Century 6 Wars PEACE WILL NEVER RULE THE WORLD BECAUSE THE ENEMY OF PEACE RULES THE WORLD. II. Who Are The Peacemakers? III. What Are The Characteristics of A Peacemaker? 1. One who is at peace with God 2. One who has learned to control their tongues 3. One who views every situation in the light of the gospel 4. One who is always looking for ways to make peace
  • Oct 30, 2016Do You Have A Pure Heart
    Oct 30, 2016
    Do You Have A Pure Heart
    Series: Beatitudes